The Crappy Case of Windows 7

Just installed windows 7 on my year 2004 PC  (with some upgrades) some days back. Pc configuration (not at all impressive) 1. 80 GB HDD 2. 1 GB RAM 3. Pentium 4 and 64 MB Intel graphics memory How bad is windows 7 I had a computer crash and after all my efforts I had to cal for technical help. My HDD went rogue  and wasn’t accepting win XP at all, maybe she now knew about the new win 7 and now wanted that, the tech help obliged and gave it win 7 , I already have it on my lappy (500 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM, and i3), but the one that was installed looked too different, not so surprisingly there was no support for aero and even after installing the ULTIMATE version it looked like home basic, even XP looked more beautiful with WIN 7 transformation packs. This limitation was obviously because the chipset was old and graphics memory too low. Then came another blow, no sound and multimedia drivers were compatible with my hardware for WIN 7, it was heart breaking moment actually i have always liked win 7 and craved for it when it was released but it’s such a shame that the OS which can handle the newest and most demanding hardwares with ease, just refuses you to let you do what you could do with XP. This obviously sounds like XP was much like the “people’s OS” just like the ROCK was “people’s champ”. Actually intel can also be accused of the crime that has happened with me, they don’t make drivers for older hardware for win 7. So all in all, all tech companies want us to throw away old hardware in trash and buy brand new ones. But my answer is if this kind behavior  goes on people will make there OWN, FREE and LIBERAL software and customize them to there needs and will not be required to change themselves. —-> GPS


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