What Beni Prasad Verma Doesn’t know…

Yesterday, respected( only by congressmen) minister Mr. Beni Prasad Varma gave two great statements (great for media, as it gives them content for 8 PM ‘National’ discussions).
One was to say that SP Chief Mulayam Singh is “sathiya gaye hain”, I really could not understand what made some news channels say that they could not reveal what he said because it was not suitable for TV. Was it that offensive?, he did not curse anyone’s mother or sister.
But yes that was unparliamentary ( or parliamentary I should say).


Beni Prasad Verma, the new economist

But the main matter of discussion is what he said next, he said he was happy that there was inflation, that the prices were rising, he said because the price rise was just limited to sugar, pulses, wheat , rice etc, he felt it means more profit for farmers.
Now what I feel,
Beniji was trying to make inflation into a cool topic, as if its not a big problem
I read he was once a kisaan ( farmers’s ) leader, so may be in an attempt to do this he tried to favour farmers too much, ( I’am not against farmers)
Now what about the meaning of his statement, this respected person thinks that the extra money that poor indian people are giving due to inflation is going straight to farmers.
But I request the news channels who scooped this matter and took advantage of this for one whole day, to go and ask poor farmers what do they get for a kg of wheat they sell and what is the price in retail. I bet it may not be 20 to 30% and that’s a shame, all the money that we pay in excess goes to the middlemen, and thats the truth of our economy. These are everywhere, they don’t do any work they are just in the system to increase prices and they take advantage of government’s poor procurement systems.
The thought that the our hard earned money is going for the benefit of poor farmers is totally wrong.
Next time watch your words Beniji. Because

The words once out from your mouth are like an arrow shot from a bow, both never come back

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