How we think about cleanliness in India

I am travelling in a six seater piaggio autoriksha (though 10 people sit in it), while watching outside I look at a woman, who in a nighty (night gown) is crossing the street by signalling the riksha to slow down while she crosses, my focus is on her, as my riksha goes ahead my view shifts from left to right towards the women I notice she has polythene bag with all kinds of domestic waste in it in her hand, she swings it back and throws it with a jerk it lands just beside the road. I see dozens of more bags like that there and some other unorganised waste sprinkled here and there. After this I loose her sight, there was nothing beautiful about that woman that I was watching for so long, aching my neck in the process. I was thinking about the way we think in india.
While travelling I realise that wasn’t the only place like that, i see scores of places like that on my way. I travel by that route everywhere but never actually think about those kind of things but don’t know why sometimes the social thinker in me gets awake, just like the technologist in me.
Cleanliness in India is just about one’s domestic cleanliness no one cares even about there surroundings. That women was carrying waste from her home and the road was just in front of her house, but he only intention was to keep her house house clean, forget about her neighbourhood.
I also see many woman ( i wonder why they aren’t any men )who are municipal cleaners, who do another great thing, by the way they do there job well, they clean all the roads with brooms segregate all the waste and then make heaps of it, very well till now. But not after now, they burn it straight away, the smoke greets me every morning making me more darker giving me my daily dose of carbon monoxide. We all as a population are fighting against pollution isn’t it?? But why do they burn it?? Maybe because it vanishes the ladies think its gone, but they don’t know the same waste in solid form isn’t that dangerous than when its flying. Why can’t they just send it to landfills, through dumpers??
No one listens to these things, those who say are considered insane or with too much of young blood which is boiling and will get well soon ( I don’t know who I am among these).
Till we develop a good ear which can hear and act on these small but important things, i wish me and my nation a big BEST OF LUCK!


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