My Lovely City, Pune

I live in Pune, just like any other city it has its merits and demerits.
I am going to tell you about how I have observed the city for the last 14 years, and the facts mentioned here are not supposed to be thought off as true, but they aren’t false either.


1. Every third person you meet is an engineer
Once a famous maths teacher of Pune observed, “joh Pune mien aa kar engineer nahi banaa usse bada gadha koi nahi hai”.
Which translates into “there is no big fool then a person studying in Pune and not becoming and engineer”.
I read somewhere that there are more than 40 engineering colleges and its really ridiculously easy to get an engg seat, though you may end up in a college without furniture or teacher, but one thing is for sure you will get a seat once you apply for it.
Here I would like to mention that there are some good and very good colleges also like MIT, VIT, PVG etc etc…. Oh man COEP is there too, the baap of the above mentioned colleges…

2. Every time is gutka time.
Once a famous BBC journalist of India remarked three things about India….
1. Every time is tea time
2. Every place is pissing place
3. And something I don’t remember
In Pune, every time is gutka time, every place is gutka place, people here will have it anytime, as soon as they get time they will get the brown paper bag out, empty its contents and mix it with choona, the white fluid kinda thing. The mixing is done in a symbolic way.
Bus driver’s have it as soon as they get time, at signals, jams, accidents! Etc
It is a thing that makes you friends with someone you share it with ( more effective than diary milk).

3. Autoriksha’s are the costliest mode of travel.
Yeah, it may sound weird but its true. Even taking your own Audi or Merc on a ride wouldn’t cost you that much money that you’ll end up paying to the autoriksha.
There meters never work, they will always say that, and if they do….they will never show you the rate card. That means whatever they want is what they will get.
Sometimes I feel of becoming an autowalla….. But provided the competition in the city, its still better to be a law grad.

4. Different rates for different languages, states and countries.
Local chaiwallas to autowallas, whoever is in the service sector, i mean small services sector are suspected of charging more to foreigners, south indians, first time visitors etc.
Whoever speaks anything other than marathi or hindi maybe the target.
Many of my andhra pradesh buddies are taking hindi and marathi classes from me and my local friends so that the next time they go to the chailwala, they don’t end up paying 3-4 rupees more..

This is all for this part, if you also have any other experience with the city please comment…. I would love to add it to the next part….


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