Google Earth Funny 3d imagery

People can’t stop making fun of iOS maps, I have seen numerous memes, comics, jokes on it.
(even I can’t :-P). THE Apple maps have been a failure.

The most funny thing is the 3D fly through feature. Sounds cool, isn’t it?
It isn’t.
Though buildings and roads looked good in 3D and brought realism but the funny thing was the inaccuracy in the way they were projected. For example Airport roads were looking more like a motocross road, bridges were broken and made their way into water bodies under them.

Now what were the people missing? Google maps.
yes, google maps. And this 3D thing is available for selected cities in USA and Rome in Google earth.
Now while trying this 3D experience in google earth for iOS, I found that, even that isn’t flawless.
I’m posting two pics where you can see how a tennis court is having a curvy surface and how one side of is nearly like a trench.



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