Gauri Bhosale Missing Case – Cheap publicity by STAR PLUS

Nowadays on star plus (I am forced to watch this channel) a ‘request’ from ABP news is being telecasted while the news reader says, ‘we are sorry to interrupt your telecast’ and then goes the request, ‘gauri bhosale is missing from london and her NRI father is searching for her and requesting you to please give information if you spot her in India

*New update in Gauri Bhosale’s Fake news – Guari Bhosale Missing Update

First I thought it was really a serious matter, but why would a channel broadcast a missing person‘s details and a request to find her?? There are lakhs of people who are missing, why just gauri bhosale? And that too on Star Plus, not on ABP news?? then I thought may be her rich Dad is really concerned and might have paid to have that advertisement… Convinced me for some time..

Then after some days the news reader came back, this time saying that there is a new clue in Gauri Bhosale case, an auto rickshaw or cab driver had spotted Gauri. Then came the interview with the driver and it cleared all my doubts, I don’t know if it’s me or everyone, but I can differentiate how real people act and how actors do. Even the best actors ‘act’, real people have different expression, which even the best in the business can’t match.

Then I researched a little after getting suspicious, and in just 5 minutes I got to know that this was a cheap publicity gimmick by Star TV and this a was an advertisement for thier new serial ‘Khamoshian’, of which Gauri Bhosale is lead.

I want to make it clear to all confused as well as suspicious people, there is no real person named ‘Gauri Bhosale’ who is missing from london, she’s just an imaginary character and the channel along with ABP news created this (cheap) ‘advertisement’.

The problem is that there wasn’t any disclaimer and it was projected as an actual missing person’s search.
I have read many people on forums, praying for her safety. This way the channel has fooled innocent people emotionally and attracted cheap attention towards its next soap.

Star TV should apologise for this and should run a public apology for this act of lowest standards.
And the authority regulating television in India should take action against it.

Please comment and voice your concern over this unethical act.
And share to tell your friends about reality and stop getting concerned about Miss Gauri.

Gauri Bhosale’s ‘missing’ posters on various sites-

gauri bhosale bhonsale missing find NRI india star plus.jpg

gauri bhosale missing find.jpg


Thank god this program is off-air, and breathed its last on 23feb 2013, replaced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saraswatichandra. It was obvious that this program could not incite any confidence in viewers thanks to its fake and spurious start. This comes as a welcome news against this kind of publicity stunts.


40 thoughts on “Gauri Bhosale Missing Case – Cheap publicity by STAR PLUS

      1. saqib

        ths is d worst thing any nws channel can they r gvng gov. of india a chance to curb there freedom ! A typical certified idiot news channel

  1. mack

    Star TV should apologise for this and should run a public apology for this act of lowest standards.
    And the authority regulating television in India should take action against it.

    Cheap ,Really Cheap

  2. ayesha

    this really a cheap and shameful gaining TRPs and for this star tv should apolozise for playing with the emotions of innocent public

  3. Anich Banu Khatun

    I’m also very disappointed with this promo. They should not play with our emotions. We should complaint against this channel. What’s say guys?

  4. Anich Banu Khatun

    I’m also very disappointed with this promo. They should not play with our emotions. They should apologize for this. What’s say guys?

  5. Cynthia Lobo

    Star Plus, I am really disappointed with your so called cheap promo. You have really played with people’s emotions. Now something really happens ( God forbidden), no one would believe. Star Plus, we don’t trust you anymore. Kindly apologize to the public.

  6. Richa Sharma

    I am really disappointed with this promo. I don’t understand the unethical indulgence of channel in promoting their new serial. They are playing with of emotions of people just for a publicity.

  7. Divya

    None of us should watch this stupid serial… Or as a punishment for playing with peoples emotion Star Plus should not telecast this serial. All they want is money and they dont respect our feelings

  8. when i saw this advertisement in the newspaper i suddenly got that it is fake and it’s just for publicity.
    why channel like ABP or Star Plus is very interested in such a thing besides their soap shows.
    so i was damn sure it was fake ad.

  9. Well written, Even i got fooled and searched for gouri bhonsle on net when i fund your comment. Such publicity would harm the channel and the serial would start from negative opinion in public There are many other better ways to promote a serial

  10. Sid

    This is really a third class promo of daily soap ‘ really disgusting. star plus should apology in media. people’s are not fool

  11. Ruchi

    Star TV should apologise for this. TV channels should not advertise like this. this is really a chepest and lowest level of publicity

    1. Akanksha

      Plz stop all this nonsense advertise. How can a responsible news channel gets into such kind of stupidity-advertising for a TV show!! This is very shameful. I didn’t expect this from a news channel. If a news channel will continue dis type of promos then people will not going to believ in that news channel

  12. Ranjan

    This is really a very cheap publicity by the star plus channel, now a days the news channel is just a medium to earn money, they don’t have any sentiments and ethics, by doing these type of publicity , if any genuine case came it will misguide people they will that also an advertisements, i think government and police should come forward to control these type of bogus advertisements. A very shameful act by people involved in this ad.

  13. eti

    how cheap yaar…. ye tv serials wle apni publicity k lie kisi b hadd tk gir skte h…. this is very shameful…. they hv to aplogise 4 dis…….just hate star plus…. ..

  14. Salman

    realy disgusting a news channel is promoting fake news,How a new’s channel did this type of shameful thigs,we thought that news is realty it provide truth and realty for us but this thing create a bad image in our life,
    please take action quickly and remove the add

  15. Mithilesh Shah

    One should not think of Just earning profit all time but should be aware of social resopnsiblity towards Society, Government. as we all are human being & should help needy & helpless people this is called mankind.

  16. RASHMI

    Feels really nice to see that so many people have the same view against this cheap publicity,i will never watch this programe and will surely advise family and friends to protest against this programme which caused some much of disturbance and litrelly fooled people……The programme may be good entaintment and people would have watched it even with out this cheap publicity like ay other normal programme……

  17. RASHMI

    Due to this cheap trick played by ABP News and starplus,if in case we have a genune case in future people might simply ignore it……i wonder why the channel authorites dint think about this or may be all they see or think is Money……i wish govt authorites take some action against this…

  18. ashish

    ABP channel must make an apology from whole nation for showing wrong information on news channel or else claim that they are advertisement channel.

  19. ya correct.. It must have written smwhere dat its n add. We all prayed for her got fooled by it.. Thn i thght nly one ewzz is nly dealing wid it nd specially star plus… Cheap way now we have n bad impression on you.. God forbid next even if its true no1 ll believe…

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