My Indian Political View

I am the kind of person who participates in national prime-time discussions everyday….
In my drawing room, in front of my TV. No one listens to me, I know.

I am just like any other aam-aadmi (mango-people), I morally hate corruption, I feel good when officials are caught red-handed…. But just like most of my country-men I too give bribe, to babus, peons, railway ticket checkers (because I don’t get reservations even after booking 60 days before).

Why I don’t join politics—
When you are just a citizen and not a politico, you don’t have any responsibility. Just say anything, walk anywhere and you don’t have to issue a manifesto which you are expected to abide by.
Its just like being a normal student in a school. All fun, no restrictions. Now when you are into politics or by some great luck get elected ( will tell you about the luck thing later), you are like the head student of the school (commonly called captain), you are not supposed to do fun stuff, roam around, and you are responsible for every student, you get scolded when something goes wrong at the campus. In simple words,” It’s too dirty to clean now”.


Why one can’t win elections—
Yes, I’m a known pessimist, my words are full of discouragement, my thoughts are negative. But to answer my critics I say – “I don’t think negative, I just prepare for the worst”. When I was taught about politics and democracy in class 9th and 10th I had that idealistic picture in my mind that democracy is the best, we get to voice our views, we are free, we get to contest elections and fair elections. Then I grew up ( not much ), I saw today’s India, different from my idealistic India. Everything was different. The election process is not fair. Everyone knows this but no one does anything about it, that is the irony. Elections today are not won on promises and ideals they are won by buying votes, buying officials, tampering voting machines. It has become a show of ones economic prowess. A poor person can’t dream of becoming a leader.

Todays Scenario
We had a system where judicial, executive and legislative parts of the government were supposed to do their work and this was called the system of checks and balances. This checked the distribution of power. All three parts were equally responsible. Today, after more than 60 years of independence, legislative (political) part of government is the one which has taken over the system. Officials, judges all are under pressure from Netas. No neta is under pressure from them. Baabus are transferred on orders of ministers. Judges are selected by politicians. The most learned and genius minds like our IASs and IPSs are made to work like servants by them.

My Questions (unanswered)
Why people should join politics?? To serve the people… Right…
I wonder why there is so much competition for being a minister, more so of being a minister of a malaidaar department, why?? Ministers who have net worth of 2 crore rupees end up being worth 100 crores after five years of loot… no one questions them… why??? Officials and baabus who work with dignity, honestly and expose scams are transferred more than a normal corrupt employ…
they don’t get promotions, their juniors become their seniors, their life is ruined, they get death threats… Just because they are doing there job well?? Why?? Who is going to answer these questions???


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