What I thought, and where I have got

As a growing up kid in Pune (I’m still a kid, just little more grown up), I always had some changing ambitions all through the years I was growing older. Different mindsets made me think about different careers.

When I was in kindergarten or KG as it popularly called, I wanted to be a scientist. It was just a spontaneous choice. I was inspired by watching scientists on TV and cartoons. At that time being a scientist for me just meant that a person should invent something revolutionary, I didn’t think about what kind of education I’ll need. Now going by that ‘inventor’ thought, I wanted to start early, as I saw a lot of robots on TV so an ambitious idea to make them myself came to my mind. At that time the only tools I had were dry cells ( batteries ), and copper wires. I wanted to build a humanoid robot, and you shouldn’t be surprised to know that I failed in that.

This thought of being a scientist made a permanent settlement in my brain till middle-school ( class 8th-9th). Though, I still couldn’t invent anything, but now I knew how to be scientist ‘academically’.
Yeah, I needed a bachelors in science degree (BSc as it is lovingly called) but now I knew one more thing, that no one cared for a normal BSc in this world. I instructed that ‘thought’ to leave my brain after knowing this. And now I was thoughtless, as far as career was concerned.

Then I passed tenth (now I wouldn’t tell what it’s called), I took science. The most flexible and ‘in-demand’ (at that time, maybe ‘commerce’ now) option. By this time the thought of being a doctor started fancying me. Isn’t it cool?? You get to change your name from ‘someone’ to Doctor ‘someone’. Then I passed 12th and then wrote ‘THE COMPETETIVE EXAMS’.

I couldn’t qualify for national medical entrance, NO SURPRISES!!!!. But I did qualify for a medical seat in Punjab. My rank was 1200 in whole Punjab. SURPRISE!!!!! There were total 2000 seats, I was assured of a seat. I started dreaming of my name change, my wearing of stethoscope, talking to my imaginary patients.

Now, no wonders, I’m not a medical student now, or I wouldn’t have been free to write this kind of stuff.

Calamity struck, I was born in Punjab, my dad was born in Punjab, my grandfather and actually everyone of my forefathers, but I had not done my 10th and 12th from Punjab, and that’s the reason I was given when they refused me a seat. A natural domicile of Punjab was denied his dream just because his dad was serving in Military and posted somewhere else. The dreams were shattered.

But bieng a pessimist always helps, we know what can go wrong and we always prepare for it. I had my backup plan ‘LAW’. I was always interested in studying law, to be an advocate, to fight cases, but at that time I thought it wasn’t a fancy option. I know it’s not like what we see on TV and popular media, it’s all that minus the glamour. But it was what interested me, I chose to be a lawyer. finally.

From a scientist to a future lawyer, life always gives us options. And the journey continuous….



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