My Views Against Caste-Based Reservations.

The preamble of Indian constitution, states that India is a ‘sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic’.

Our forefathers were good enough to understand the need of being secular for a country with one of the most religiously diverse populations. That is why the word ‘secular’ was added to the preamble. They knew that giving priority to a particular religion might result in anarchy.

Being secular means the country maintains its nuetrality as far as religion is concered.
The constitution also bats for ‘Equality of status and opportunity’.

I am quoting the above stuff just to explain my stance.

India doesn’t discriminate on basis of religion, but surprisingly does discriminate on the basis of caste. And that’s called ‘reservation’. And this discrimination violates the Equality clause as it limits the opportunity and status of a person.

I am not knowledgeable enough to prove that it’s unconstitutional, but it doesn’t feel nice watching seats in governmental institutes and jobs going to some non-deserving people from so called ‘lower castes’.

When this provision to reserve some seats and jobs for backward castes was made it was just to uplift them from centuries of discrimination they faced during ancient periods. But how will you uplift them if you keep calling them ‘lower’, or ‘backward’, does it make sense? No, it doesn’t.

I listen to people around me having awful grades and getting admitted to prime institutes, and proudly saying ‘Mere paas caste certificate hai’. Aren’t we making people dependent on reservation?? And i also hear people complaining and losing hope, because they score better sometimes double or triple of what there ‘caste’ counterparts do, and still not getting admissions to jobs and educational institutes. People with such low scores become Doctors, Engineers in most cases becoming dangerous for there patients and clients.

I see people complaining how their junior colleagues get promotion after promotion and get high posts and how hard working and unluckily ‘general’ people stay on the same post for years.

I feel reservation should not be caste based, why should we discriminate on the basis of where, at which house, which family and in which caste a person was born in? Was that his or her mistake?
Reservation should only be given to poor and needy people. Not all lower castes are poor and not all so-called ‘higher’ castes are rich.

Reservation has taken away opportunity from crores of people since its inception, it forces things like ‘brain drain’. Why would a talented person live in a place like India, where his opportunities are limited by a social stigma named ‘Reservation’??

The assosiation and misuse of this topic of reservation by our politicians has been instrumental in making this more mainstream. I haven’t heard a single big leader raising his or her voice against this malpractice, because of vote bank politics, because of fear of loosing votes from particular castes. Isn’t it same as British policy of divide and rule?? Dividing people in the name of caste just for electoral benefits? Today the politicians instead of stopping caste based reservations are voicing their support for religion based reservation, just to tap ‘muslim vote bank’. Pure shame.

The time has come that we abolish this practice which promotes discrimination and inequality in this nation and make a casteless and equal India.

Jai Hind


2 thoughts on “My Views Against Caste-Based Reservations.

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