Reliance Digital TV: No Sony, Sab, Discovery etc

From 26th March 2013, there have been reports of subscribers of Reliance Digital TV (BIG tv), not being able to view channels like Sony TV, Sab TV, Aaj Tak, Discovery, Tez etc (all channels distributed by MSM Discovery India).

Users are viewing a messages like “channel temporarily unavailable, service shall resume shortly” or “channel unavailable due to technical reasons”.

Taking readers into a flashback, some weeks back, while I was watching Sony, SAB, Discovery etc, a message in a very large font scrolled past the screen from time to time, it said that your operator has not paid its dues to MSM discovery India and broadcast of its channels will stop after a particular day if dues remain unpaid

All this problem of unavailability of channels is due to non-payment of dues to Sony network by Reliance.

The users are now at the receiving end due to a gross and shameless mistake by reliance. From there side Reliance is saying it is a technical problem, is this a lying competition going on?? you can fool crores, lakhs, thousands of people but not hundreds who know the real truth. Non payment of
dues does not qualify as a technical problem for sure.
Users who have tried calling reliance customer care might have received messages like ‘if you are experiencing problems viewing some channels that is due to technical problem and will get corrected soon’ multiple times. This is a crap way by them to contain frustrated customers.

Reliance Digital TV launched some years back with much advertisement and fanfare, was only the third private DTH operator in India, backed by a multi-billion corporation. Other two DTH operators Dish and Tata Sky are still going strong as top two DTH operators in numbers right now, reliance is a meagre fifth, not able to capitalise on its earlier launch, this says a lot about the company’s disinterest and attitude towards customers.

There are a lot of questions to be asked and answered in this case, Why is reliance trying to fool its customers?? Who will returns subscriber’s money they have paid for channels unavailable?? Why no prior action was taken if reliance knew that they haven’t made payments?…

P.S Just as I was writing this, the channels have been restored, but the damage, small but significant is already done. Many of my sister’s favourite daily soaps are gone, dad couldn’t listen to aajtak, Headlines Today…


3 thoughts on “Reliance Digital TV: No Sony, Sab, Discovery etc

    1. True, Reliance industries, one of the largest business groups in India, is doing such things. This is not expected from a company of such high stature and reputation. I feel sorry for you, and your pre-payment. BTW I would like you and other troubled costumers like me to file a case in consumer courts and get our money back, as we haven’t been provided with the quality of service expected.

  1. Ankit

    Now after recharge i am not be able to quit reliance for a year bcoz of pre-payment. Meaning of reliance is TRUST but i think reliance should maintain its name to their public

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