Facebook Home for All phones, YES!!!

Facebook recently launched a new product for android devices, in an effort to take over your mobile home screens too.

The problem is that it has been just released for some select smartphones like GS3, One etc. No worries šŸ™‚

Want to try out the latest buzz in social networking??? Don’t have Galaxy S3, HTC One, One X???

A member from XDA forum theos0o has ported the application for all phones.

All you have to do is to download the .rar file from the link below.


and extract the .rar file with 2 APKs, 1. facebook app 2. Facebook Home

Please make sure that all previous installations of facebook app and messenger are deleted before you install these.

First install Facebook app, enter your login details, install the home app, fire it up…. there you go šŸ˜€

No need to Root šŸ™‚

Thanks to Theos0o.

My Galaxy S duos running facebook home. Don’t confuse it with S3 šŸ˜›
Will run on most phones I guess, provided it has been completed by a seasoned programmer.




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