Current (2013) Squad for FIFA 08

I have FIFA 08 on my PC, after getting bored of the old squads, which looked really out of the place after 5 years of transfers in the football world, I decided I will hunt down a better roster (preferably current) online. And after half an hours search, and trying to read some russian pages via google translate, I found a file which gives you all the squads of 2012-2013 season. So, I am uploading it, so that it’s easy to access.

Update:- These files are for last season, updated squads with recent transfer changes can be found at my newer post-

Fifa 08 new Squads 2013-2014 updated

The file is fifa.db and you just have to paste it in /data/cmn/ folder of you FIFA installation.

Just remember, please backup your old fifa.db file in case of any mishap, you can name it as fifaold.db or fifa1.db.

The links to the file are:

Download from Dropbox

Download from Β Zippyshare

In case it doesn’t work, please let me know via comments, as this kind of file is frequently deleted, I still have the file myself and will upload it again in case it doesn’t work.

update: I have observed that many people want Neymar to be in the squads (coming soon), unfortunately he isn’t. I have decided to add him manually to the squads, but off late it hasn’t been successful, I’m trying hard to get updated 2013 squad for fifa 08 with Neymar, if anybody has an updated file, please send it to me. Thanks


108 thoughts on “Current (2013) Squad for FIFA 08

      1. Starshinr

        Now all the transfers are done … please upload the new suads along with neymar, eto, ronaldinho quickly

      2. Download the file again, paste it at some random location, see if the file is marked read only in its properties, if yes, uncheck the read only box and paste this file into your fifa/cmn folder.

        I hope it will help

      1. Ajaytao2010

        thank you dear

        this because at a very young age you are so aware of things around you, keep it up

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      1. Soumyadip

        thanx bro for the update but neymar is only in the national team … couldnt search him anywhere …. are u in facebook ..must send u a friend request

    1. This is just a squad update, putting exact faces for each new player that wasn’t there will be a humongous task. For faces and kits, it will require a total upgrade (I couldnt find one).

    1. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ I agree with that. But it’s very polished as far as depth of squads is concerned. Squad updates don’t bring changes to physical appearance as the game files don’t carry textures of faces of new players, thus there is no choice but to use generic faces.

    1. just change the name of that file to something else.. for example fifa2.db or fifabackup.db and paste the new fifa.db there.

      Don’t delete the file, incase something happens, you can always replace the original file with the new one.

      i hope i am clear. πŸ™‚

    1. Just place this file in your fifa installation’s data/cmn/ folder
      and make sure ur old fifa.db is renamed.

      And if u are running career mode with new squads, it might not run properly. I have tested it, and that’s how it stands.

  2. Roli

    Hey! THis update is good…But i was wondering if you will make an update for 2013/14 squads (Alcantara and Gotze to Bayern, Neymar to Barcelona, Tevez to Juventus etc.). Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. I haven’t made anything, to be honest. I just posted so that it doesn’t take too much of effort to find the updates. The updates are most probably coming after the end of transfer season, maybe after october. I’ll surely post it. πŸ™‚

  3. Sibusiso

    Its simple to do that go to club transfer n do it type the name then move the player to the current team i already did that my fifa is updated each n every tym

    1. Reinstall karo aur without meri file, start the game, if it starts, then close it, copy fifa.db (my file) to your /data/cmn/ folder. it works, sabhi ka chal raha hai..

      And if game start hi nhi ho rahi without my files bhi, toh tell me, i think i know why.. πŸ™‚

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