More deaths are waiting, a conspiracy, a plan…

Yesterday while watching news channels on the aftermath of Sarabjit Singh’s death, I pounced upon some facts which were being flashed on my TV screen.

  • 1. Officially there are no more than 60 Indian prisoners in pakistan’s jails.
  • 2. Independent sources say there are more than 250 Indians in Pakistani prisons and 60-70 of them are Indian soldiers.


Obviously, the whole country is mourning as well as raging about the fact that our countryman was killed and that too so brutally. But, this was the story of one man, there are more than 250 others lodged in various jails across Pakistan, and this is not the official figure, this means Pakistan only recognizes 60 people as Indian prisoners and the rest are without an Indian identity, they are not ‘missing’, there family members don’t know if they are alive or dead, leave alone advocating for there well being in prisons.

This really makes me feel bad, really bad. You are in prison, in a hostile country, without law and order, and you cannot contact your relatives or country. This is the most cruel form of imprisonment. Most of these ‘prisoners’ are innocent fishermen who go astray in sea and farmers near Punjab border. A lot of soldiers are missing after the 1971 war too, my dad told me.

And the conspiracy in Sarabjit’s case seems like a open and shut case, but Pakistan can’t accept it obviously. What I speculate–

— Government officials decided to get rid of Sarabjit (for some purpose, that can be anything, from political benefit to revenge of Kasab’s hanging)

— They recruited two murder convicts, already on death row, to do them a favour- doing another murder, this time in the name of country.

— These cold blooded killers are left open in his cell and they beat him to there utmost satisfaction.

— Later as a official show of concern, the victim is taken to ICU, and their they don’t declare him dead, as this can spark instant outrage (attack + death), so they just wait for anger to come down.

— But when Indian government and his sister’s demands to bring Sarabjit to India for better treatment increase, they declare him dead just to ward off the conspiracy and thinking that the anger must have subsided.

Not a big fan of Salman Khan, but he tweeted right:

“Freedom at last….”

Whatever it is, it’s a very helpless moment for me atleast, I can’t do anything accept just putting in keystrokes to mourn over a death….


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