It happened to me (and it was funny :-P)

Some 2-3 years back, a 16 year old me was waiting for a bus at a bus stand. It was early in the morning, so I was alone at the bus stop. I noticed, two females probably an year or two elder that me on the opposite side of the road, I assumed they were also waiting for their bus.

I noticed both of them looking at me again and again, I thought maybe because I am the only human around that is why it was so. Looking was alright, but the smiling part started… their heads turned towards me, then they looked into each others eyes and smiled again… obviously the smiles were just momentary, but this looped again and again…. it was becoming an embarrassing and mysterious ordeal for me. 



Through all this I was wondering what is wrong?? There wasn’t anything when I had checked in mirror while coming from my house. I tried a recheck of my tie, my shirt, my turban using my hands…. nothing found.

I thanked god when the bus showed up and I happily boarded it, after 20 minutes I was at my destination, I got down… had a very open feeling as if something is amiss…

To my horror I realized what was that….

My pants zipper… it was OPEN



2 thoughts on “It happened to me (and it was funny :-P)

    1. No, there was another one… it was more of an embarrasing moment than funny… funny for others, embarrasing for me… it was when i danced like a retard infront of the whole audience at our farewell party in school…

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