Atheism: The new ‘hip’ thing

Everyone has right to express and practice any religion or no religion at all in this lovely country. I am no one to question someone’s believe or disbelieve. Some people forget that this right is with them, as long as it doesn’t affect any other person’s right.

Note: This post is about only those atheists who don’t do anything other than trying their best to disprove the existence of God. If you, as an atheist don’t believe in god, and don’t fiddle with other religions… I am not talking about you 🙂

I must be 7 or 8, a friend of mine pointed his finger at one teenage guy, who was his acquaintance and told me, “This guy doesn’t believe in God”, came to me as a little shocker, I had never encountered such situation before, 11 years forward and now, I know many people exist who don’t believe in god, who question his/her existence, and I respect them. Not because I am one of them, but because they have the right to believe or disbelieve the existence of god at all.

It’s very easy to denounce the existence of a divine being on the basis of science, rationality and reason. I personally, think very rationally, forget the existence of god in my day to day life, but still, there is a belief in my mind that someone’s there, my conscience doesn’t let me believe that the idea of god is a mass superstition.

Atheists (not all of them) today have created an exception for themselves… I’ll tell you how. Ever seen a Hindu guy saying Muslim gods suck or vice verca?? Ever seen a Christian telling Hindus that your god isn’t god, our god is superior and better??? most probably not, but even if you see, you’ll find this results in fights, arguments and riots.

What I see today is many atheists keep on attacking believers, their beliefs, their God, their religion, calling it baseless and superstitious. YOU are not an exception, this isn’t taken seriously, but this is same as the above examples.. denouncing someone else’s belief and this can be inflammatory, just like any other religion or belief is not supposed to criticize someone for the sake of harmony, so are you. Keep in mind, the ‘hip’ atheists, your liberty stops when someone else’s starts.

I wonder, If some atheists think it’s part of their religion or belief to try hard and disprove and denounce the very existence of god.

It has become a fashion to come and announce, “Yeah, I am an atheist”.


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5 thoughts on “Atheism: The new ‘hip’ thing

  1. LG

    Aethism is just another religion, and like any religion, it is based on faith. And like any religion, it condemns those that don’t belong to it.

    “Ever seen a Hindu guy saying Muslim gods suck or vice verca”
    You haven’t? That’s all they do. Why else are there honor killings, fatwas, inquisitions and what not in this world?

    And yes, I am an atheist, not because I don’t believe in a “God” but because I believe that each of us “creates” her own “God” – I have mine, and my god is mine alone.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting LG. Maybe my words arent clear. 🙂

      Yes i have seen people condemn each other’s religion and rioting. And that’s what they do.
      But this isnt morally correct, this is the cause of all tension between religions.

      Here i am just addressing those athiests who just feel that their only job is to condemn religion and god. We should realize that this is as inflammatory as a thiest condemning other’s “god”.

      Many of my friends are athiests. This isnt against athiesm. Just like any other belief it is correct on its facts and i respect that.

    2. KillTheStupiyty

      Then you are not atheist. If you would have looked for the definition for atheism on the internet you would have never said that. And atheist is a person that doesnt belive in any deity.

  2. KillTheStupiyty

    The 2 images are completley stupid. And atheism is not a religon . Religion means beliving in a god google it : define religion. Your too lazy to do so.
    Why we are atheist.
    -not because we dont see god. But we put scientific theories together to prove that he doesnt exist
    – because we think the bible is total bullshit probably written by a psycho that knew he could control the world with it.
    Some facts :
    -they call themselves belivers and think that they are going to heaven but they discriminate our beliefs.
    -from what i hear only 0,2 people from the prisons in america are atheist.
    -christians have killed atheist over the time so did other religions. No reason to hate for right?
    -its been proven than atheist almost always have higher iq’s than christians
    – i hate how they get ma when we say ba stuff about they religion. They should be thankful we dont kill them like they did to us.

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