10,000 Views on my Blog : A Letter

Congratulations to me!!! My blog General ‘Settings’ has more than 10,000 views now 😀


I never thought my personal blog will ever cross 10,000 views, that seemed like a distant dream when I started in 2010. Initially, I was the only one who visited my blog, and I will surely attribute initial 100 or so views to myself.

Blogging has even now remained as an impulsive activity for me. I write about things that will be helpful to people, or things that look unjust, or a some poems I happen to write, not very consistently though, or things that make me infuriate.

I really don’t care most of times, if someone will ever read what I am writing, many of my posts, which I consider my best haven’t been read by many. Some posts which are useless enough not to fit the criteria of a ‘personal’ blog post but have surprisingly remained the most read.

Writing has made me discover myself, clear my apprehensions, and has managed to surprise me at times. There are many posts which I could never publish, because after writing and formulating them, my thoughts got aligned and then I had no confidence in them. On the other hand, I have written things I could not think I will ever write. This has been a discovery of myself for sure. When I read my old posts, many times I get to know how dumb I was, how wrong I was. Sometimes, I feel I was writing better at that time. A confused soul, you can say.

Writing gives a kick, provides a place that I can call my own space, my own words… It’s magical.
Whenever in the recent past, I have felt down or dejected, I made a mental note in my mind to write a blogpost, this has worked as an anti-depressant of sorts. Whenever I am on my personal low and there is that sinking feeling, I write my best posts (not statistically the best though).

Thanks to Co-bloggers, subscribers, readers, visitors and my friends like Piyush, Shubham and Satish, who have read, liked, given their honest feedback on my posts. Thanks guys 🙂

Thanks to WordPress for providing such an awesome free blog hosting platform, with great looking and zero config themes, with automatic SEO which has been really helpful in getting visitors to come and have a look.

A.K.A —>;
Gurtejpal Singh
and many more 🙂


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