The Handicapped RTI – We don’t want

RTI, the Right to Information Act passed in 2005, with much fanfare and extensively used as a tool of publicity by the current government is actually a powerful tool, though implemented very late, some nearly 60 years after our independence. Before this act, all the information regarding government departments was not revealed to public under the cover of ‘official secrets act’ passed a long before independence, it was a british legislation that governed the access to our own information in our own independent country.

This tool has been extensively used by people to get information and also unearth many irregularities in the system. The ambit of RTI is more or less clear, any person can ask for information from any public department except obviously when it is classified or threatens the integrity of the country. Recently, there was huge uproar when the government decided that there is no need for political parties to be included in this act.

Political parties are public institutions, the basic ingredients of democracy. The is a lot of money with political party, which is evident from the plush display of posters and frequent helicopter trips of various political leaders. No one has insight into the accounts of these political parties, and there are speculations that black money is being made white money through these parties, that’s how political parties are getting funds, that’s why they do favours to some industrial or corporate houses, that’s is why I don’t believe they are neutral at all.

Now our political fraternity is nearing the execution of an amendment which will officially stop citizens from accessing information related to political parties under the cover that it causes nuisance in working.

So what about scrapping the whole RTI??? Isn’t it a cause of nuisance???

The new “Amendment” in the bill. It’s inevitable I believe, just some small protests in parts of the country and no resistance is bieng put up by organisations. Media hasn’t picked it up like hot cake and hasn’t raised this issue.

Just one questions. WHY?? WHY do public institutions like political parties have problems in disclosing details to public, in what way is this causing problems with thier work???

What hurts the most, is that the parties who feel it’s thier responsibilty to oppose each and every bill in the parliament are all united in this matter… it makes the matter fishy for sure…


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