Fifa 08 New Squads 2013-2014 updated

Yes, they are finally here…  Updated squads for fifa 08 for season 2013-2014.

The procedure is same as before.. download the file fifa.db

the links are here —

Fifa 08 2013-2014 new season Dropbox Link

Zippyshare link Fifa 08 2013 2014 new season

Locate the folder data/cmn/ in your fifa directory

Please, rename your old fifa.db as something like fifa1.db or fifaold.db in case the newer file doesn’t work for you.

Paste fifa.db file in the folder

Run game, enjoy newer squads for the season 🙂

Have a great time playing.. Thanks Shamari Barnett for the original file..

I haven’t tested this personally, I am so excited that I posted it straight away. Please comment and tell me if it’s working and what are some major changes…. I deleted my fifa installation unfortunately… 😥


I have already posted last season’s squad (2012-2013)

Current (2013) Squad for FIFA 08

If newer ones don’t work, this one works, tried and tested…


121 thoughts on “Fifa 08 New Squads 2013-2014 updated

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  2. Daniel Kwesi

    so so grateful my friend….. I love Fifa 08 with updated squads cos its more difficult than the newer games now despite they ve more better graphics

  3. shatz

    not all are updated at rest of the world and there is kit errors in some teams at internationals some teams dont have names.what must we do to update rest of the world?

      1. YaphetS

        please help me i am choosing teams but i cant seem to find them the logo of the teams becomes missing when im finding team to choose and the other team names are missing ang logos too .please help or try to update another one please???? thank you im grateful to your roster update but please update another one im begging you fix it thanks 🙂

      2. Are you talking about FIFA or Creation master (your teams going missing)?? Creation master is a little complex tool, with a little time you can master it. I am trying to make every attempt to help, but the truth is I don’t have fifa anymore, my hard disk crashed, so I can’t test or change anything.. If I find something new, I’ll surely post.

      3. YaphetS

        well im not talking about cration master what i did is just simple i simply copied fifa.db and then after isaw other leagues which have no logos and team names but before i copied the new fifa.db the logos and team names are not missing but after i copied the fifa.db when i choose other teams they became missing in logos team names etc. pls help

    1. I have no idea, no one else has reported this.
      I hope you have backed up your old fifa.db, try with that again and see if problem subsides. I have one old file too- Last season’s updates, you can try that too

  4. SNaIpErA19

    This thing is great, thanks! The only thing is there’s no Januzaj in Man Utd, but It’s not really a problem. Thanks again! 🙂

  5. ahmad

    do add kevin volland,ilori,facundo ferrerya,januzaj,batshuayi,morata,kovacic,rabiot etc.

    plz fix clubs name and logo…..both are missing

  6. ahmad

    keep classic players like cantona,sanchez,rufier,etc.
    plz add all young talents like zouma, luke shaw, zakaria bakkali, bittencourt, heung min son, ibe, illaramendi ,berardi, sanabria, emre can , goretzka etc.
    and plz add hellas verona and sassuolo in serie A too….they have exciting talents
    waiting for new db update

  7. ahmad

    plz do something about manager mode transfer…..
    barcelona , real madrid , man utd. ,bayern , dortmund , chelsea ,ac milan , inter , juventus…etc. virtually do not take any interest in signing any player..even if skill rises to 94…they never come calling…..their squad literally remains same for whole 15 manager seasons which is quite boring…plz fix this…i ll really appreciate it..

  8. joker

    how to update or edit the season year in fifa 08?
    like its 2007-08 by default and i want to update/edit it directly to the latest one.

  9. Abhinav Goswami

    Hey There is a logo problem and Dress code and liverpool players are too underrated and Real Madrid Squad is incomplete why please fix it…
    Bt gud update

  10. Ahtazaz Qureshi

    Hi, I want to add my own picture as a “MANAGER” and as my own “CREATED PLAYER” … Please help me how i can put picture in the game……

  11. Ahtazaz Qureshi


    I have created new player in fifa 08….. but when i played a game there are no faces are showed in the game please help me…

  12. brian

    guys the wait is over i have a working db for fifa 08 with 2014/15 transfers with all teams logos and players, does anyone want it

  13. Srinath

    OH MY GOD! I OWE U ONE! I have been in pursuit of this for almost 4 yrs now. You are the best!!!! My FIFA 08 squad is now updated! KUDOS!

  14. Amesh

    this roaster does not shows international league team names and becomes blank, this also occur in another leagues as well….please upload a better roaster…@

  15. kaleb

    man, u are z best. It even has created players like neymar. I cant thank u enough.every squad update is available. Worked perfectly. THANX 🙂

      1. It’s for FIFA 08 Season 14-15. The transfers in this file are upto 1st Sept 2014. Unfortunately the file is Password protected via WinRar. I’m trying to contact it’s owner “Nariman” and let you know as soon as possible.

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    1. 14-15 was just posted today. I never tried it myself, if it isn’t working then it will not work for anyone. I was waiting for your reviews and now it seems that the file will not work

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