We are just a mass of flesh and blood, driven by our desires, our wants, our needs. What makes us stand apart, act differently from the 7 billion souls having similar bodily configurations, are our different desires, they make us run the extra mile, they make us do things which others might not.

She stares at her reflection in the mirror, all day long, trying to fix even the slightest flaw in her appearance, she wants to look beautiful, she has the desire to be admired for her looks.

He wakes up at 5, cycles 8 Kilometers, practices hard, sacrifices on his normal expenses, just because he has this desire to excel in the sport he plays.

I wake up 7, my consciousness wakes up randomly though, it just woke up 5 minutes back, made me open wordpress, write whatever I just felt, because I have a desire to write, whatever I feel, to vent it out, it quenches my thirst for saying things, instead of just letting them burn inside, it is my need, I am driven by it.


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