Change- An advice not taken

People come, people go. People change, even we do. Some keep us, some stay by our side. Some decide they can’t. Some leave. Life is a transition, a series of lessons.

The worst thing to have in today’s world of fast moving relations is being attached to someone so much that they become your weakness. Because then, you have caged your feelings and handed the key to it to them. The rule of life is change, emotions are essential, but they shouldn’t make us too weak.

Being a little cold-hearted works well in real life scenarios. It is always better not cry for days, just because some person who doesn’t care anymore, left. Remember the first two words? People Come..  If some leave, some come too. 7 billion people, you can’t even shuffle through all of them in a lifetime.


Remember that best friend you thought will stay forever? Remember someone you loved a lot, wanted to stay with them forever? yeah, they probably left, you found new people. Love them to the core, but nothing lasts forever, not even this universe. Just be prepared to let them go when they wish to, don’t be weak.


The biggest irony is that the person who writes this, might never implement this, he still cries when people leave. But he wishes to pen it down, the advice which he could never take.


9 thoughts on “Change- An advice not taken

  1. obstructedsoul

    An heart-wrenching post.
    I’ve tried many a times to pen down my such feelings but I always failed.
    You’re brave enough to do that 🙂

  2. I don’t know how to compliment people so I’ll just say what I think about it. I think it is correct. So reasonable and obvious that people often don’t really care. They, like me, think that they would be able to cope with this when it arrives at their abode.
    To say won’t matter, neither to listen but only to think at each step.

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