In the company of a million stars, she sits all alone,

staring into eternity, like she has questions unresolved.

Raindrops dance over her face, on the tunes of dead silence,

no tears to be seen, ‘cos with this drizzle they got washed.


Getting drenched in rain, was not the same now,

he wasn’t there, to cover his shivering princess in the warmth of his charm.

Not rain, but drenched in memories she was drowning,

too choked to cry, all she wished was him coming and holding her arm.


The last time he left, he kissed and promised to be back in a while,

no good byes, “Good byes are for those who leave” he always said.

Her eyes dripped from pride, her man did come back with that valiant smile,

but with the flag draped around his chest.


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