Morning bike rides are pleasant, the whole route seems like a track they just made for you, no traffic and a cold breeze hitting you every while. Was riding to my college, 7:15 am is the time when the lecture starts (Yeah, you read it right), it was 7:00am, there is this highway crossing on my way everyday. It’s huge, 2 lanes of highway crossing with the road I am riding on. A very usual site, there was a red signal, applied the brakes and halted. Looking around. Few cars were passing through the highway infront, it was obviously a green signal for them.

To my left, came a man probably in his late 50s or early 60s, had a school going kid on the backseat of his scooty.  By this time the crowd behind me waiting for the signal to go off has gone up. One swagster decided to go “fuck the rules bro!!” way and broke the signal with ease on his noisy ride and went away, too smart that dude was, you see.. there was no traffic, there was just that signal, fools like me were trying to be law abiding here, smart dude was in a hurry for sure. Meanwhile the kid on the back of uncle was staring onto my bike, Pulsars are attention grabbers *chukles*, more so with new colours. Old Uncle infront, looked so frustrated seeing that swagster go past before everyone, the look on his face, damn! I was staring at him, so he concluded I was his only audience, it started-

“Sab jaldi mein rehte hain, 2 minute late chale jayenge toh kuch ho jayega?”
“Aajkal ke ladke bhi na, araam se nhi chala sakte? Dekho ab 2 minute se kya fark pad jayega? Faltu mein signal tod diya”

The lecture lasted for a minute or so. I was nodding in approval, and adding “Sahi baat hai uncle” for assurances that his views were right.
The signal was still red. That kid had now switched his observational prowess to my Pagdi (Me being a sardar, if you didn’t know that).

Guess what? Uncleji accelerated and vroomed past everyone waiting. The smile on my face, oh my lord! It grew wider and wider as uncleji was going far. My eyes chased his scooty, for as long as I could, realised I wasn’t surprised, just amused. I even started laughing a little.

I was still there, among the noises of frustatingly blown horns asking me to follow the route he took.Obviously, I seem a fool here, trying to follow rules, that is what happens when a wrong thing becomes a norm, those who do it feel they are right as they are in majority, those who act right are seen as wrongdoers. A great example will be “Dowry”, It’s like selling your daughter, everyone gives, those who don’t, suffer. Even though it is illegal.

Only if we could do what we preach, this world will be a better place. People talk about safety of women and then they can be found ogling  and commenting on some female going past. Doesn’t apply to most, but still.  We all want a great nation, without curruption, and when the traffic warden catches us, instead of paying the proper fine we just hand him Rs. 100 to let us go.

We like rules, we love living in a society that is secured, but then we forget the most fundamental part of its implementation. That is we,  the people. We want rights, but we fail to realise rights come with the price of duty.

Okay, so the rant is over. 🙂 and I still stop at empty signals.


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