“They make us the strongest, they make us the weakest”

Our complex mind, a network of neurons weighing about 1300 grams but still controlling this world. Beauty. Isn’t it?

Love. Must have happened to you too. That euphoria. That one person you get attached to, and start doing things you never thought you ever will. It’s all emotional, it’s all in our minds. I remember answering a question on Yahoo Answers “What is love?” “A chemical imbalance in our minds” I replied.

That same person you did not know a while back, becomes your everything in sometime. He or she outweighs the universe for you now. Remember breakups? You surely do if you are an old player in this game of love. You still care for that person so much? Are you still alive without that person you thought without him or her you will never survive? you are, if you are reading this.

Man is an emotional beast. We feel pain, not through physical mediums, but through mental pathways too. A tiger chases a deer with his all his might and misses it, he just moves on to the next hunt, we accidentally drop our pizza and keep whining about how life is unfair to us for days.

A feeling of patriotism, a feeling of pride, that drives a soldier to conquer the toughest of battles. “They make us the strongest”

A feeling of despair, a feeling of loss. Like someone’s girl left him and he keeps weeping and getting suicidal day in and day out. “They make us the weakest”

Sometimes I really wish to be an emotionless bastard, because the weak part hurts, it hurts to see others and even myself cry and shed tears over things that are all just in our minds. All these feelings of love, hatred, anger, loss..

You really think I was going anywhere with all these paragraphs? Sorry, I disappointed you, I had this feeling of blocked thinking, not being able to write anything for long “writer’s-block” is precise, but I don’t think it’s apt to use “writer” for me. I just wrote everything I was thinking. Now that these thoughts are neatly typed, I feel better to have come over my block.

BTW, Exams are approaching, hence these hyper-celebral thoughts 😛


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