Those Days.

Jealous of my parents.
They had no smartphones, they had no telephones, TVs were rare.
Why Jealous? Because every time I talk to them, everytime I find myself hooked to my phone or computer, trying hard, in vain, to get away from it, I realise, those days were simple, those days were peaceful.

That one letter from your beloved one, took weeks to come but it was lovelier than any daily good morning text your lover might be sending you, I am sure. The wait was worth it, the handwritten letter, those words, that touch, can’t be compared.

Just try abandoning your phone for a while, deleting all those messaging apps with hundreds of contacts, where you carry on meaningless conversations just for the sake of it. Just introspect, these conversations really don’t mean anything, the random blabber, the receiving and sending of texts, like a tennis ball going back and forth in a court, we just keep conversing, without knowing why.

I love those days, love was for real, relationships lasted for years. Today, I see guys breaking up in weeks and I wonder how the value of a relationship for this generation depreciated so badly. Maybe the speed and ease of communication has brought this change, where you know what your man or your girl is doing 24*7, which is in my opinion ridiculous, if you compare to ‘those days’ of 70s and 80s when you rarely got to talk to them, but even without talking 24*7 they were happy. It’s all in our minds.

We did not have to worry about batteries running out, we could dance and get drenched in rains without worrying about our phone getting wet, sleep was regular and apt unlike today’s ‘Digital Zombie’ generation we have turned into, scrolling through our newsfeeds till eternity, postmen came once in a week, today we can’t spend ten minutes without picking up our phones and checking our texts.. list is long.

No doubt technology has helped us a lot, talking to loved ones was never so easy and cheap, but in a way it turned us into slaves, taking over our peaceful lives as they were, turning them into a generation longing for like and favourites.

Irony. I write this while I fight my own internet addiction, maybe because I know, there is life outside, a peaceful one, but I am chained by these magical scripts written in HTML and JavaScript.


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