Google vs Bing : Clash of the search Titans

I love fair competition, after Yahoo decided to use Bing to power their search engine, we are left with just two worthy giants. Bing and Google. Bing Sucks, that’s what the general opinion people has been, it shows ridiculous results at times according to most reports. So I thought let’s just compare the results of 5 random searches on both engines and see for ourselves if Bing being a douchebag just a myth or it actually holds some truth. Here we start


Bing’s home page: This thing is beautiful, a refreshing wallpaper with nice metro design. Google has the the ‘Simple is powerful’ approach as far as homepage goes.

Test 1 – Bing1LargestSocial“The Largest Social Network”



Bing decides it wants to throw us a list of all the social networks instead of telling us which one is the largest, and also one result talking about Russia’s largest social network


Google has some better tricks in their hats, first 4 or five results will surely get me my answer.

Test 2- “Stephen Hawking’s disease”


That’s why they tell us “Google it” for every question, because Google has the answer. Properly marked and presented. 


Bing shows the Wikipedia article, but can’t show the name of the condition, and also presents some not so helpful stuff.

Test 3 – “ADSL vs DSL”

here, I am looking for the difference between two kinds of Internet Connections, DSL (Direct Subscriber Line) and ADSL (Asymmetrical DSL)


Google links to a definition but not the difference, then, links to some user generated forums. 



Bing shows some real worth here, 3 articles directly from some nice sites and it scores a win

Test 4 – “The first ever photograph from a mobile camera”

Google4MobileGoogle just gets this one right at the target, the first picture it shows is the right one, I know that thanks to designing a quiz with this same question.



Bing seems lost, it’s not even showing pictures of mobile cameras on top. 


Test 5 – “People who turned down nobel”



Google does it like a routine, showing relevant stuff dug out of all the results. Beauty




No doubt it shows ideal results, but not as well presented as Google’s. “Related Searches” makes you wonder what’s so wrong with Bing.


Conclusion- This is my personal opinion deduced from these tests.

Bing lags behind, for sure. It has a good home page, better results at times, sometimes the image search seems better than google, but it is not replacing my default search engine Google with that.

Google’s results look astonishingly hand-picked, it even highlights what you are looking for and presents it at top. It’s not perfect, nothing is, but when I need something I will still Google it, instead of searching on Bing, because Bing has a long way to go and improve at changing the way it interprets the search terms and shows results.

It was a 4-1 but Bing’s not as bad as people feel, scary is the fact that it is the only big competitor left to Google, if Microsoft decides to scrape off Bing today, we will be left with just Google, a monopolistic search market, and this really doesn’t sound good to me.

Happy Searching everyone!


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