Fifa 08 New Squads 2014-2015 updated

Finally, new squads have arrived. Updated squads for Fifa 08 for season 2014-2015.

Links to new squads –

Fifa 08 2014-2015 new season Dropbox Link

Zippyshare link Fifa 08 2014-2015 new season

Procedure is same as before —

  • Download the ‘Fifa.db’ file from any of the link above,
  • Locate the folder data/cmn/ in your fifa directory
  • Please, rename your old fifa.db as something like fifa1.db or fifaold.db in case the newer file doesn’t work for you.
  • Paste fifa.db file in the folder
  • Run game, enjoy latest squads for the season :

All credits to Naushad Lalani for the updated squads.

Haven’t tried these myself, if you try and find these good or bad, please do leave a review in the comments for everyone to know.

Older squads –
Current (2013) Squad for FIFA 08

Fifa 08 new Squads 2013-2014 updated

You can try these if the newer ones don’t work.


27 thoughts on “Fifa 08 New Squads 2014-2015 updated

  1. Fari Khan

    Brother this Db file is working but
    My favorite team F c Barcelona is missing
    and Manchester United have no “”ROnaldo”PLz help

  2. anuj

    14-15 doesn’t work but 13-14 does.
    when i tried 14-15 my game ran till the language selection screen and then it closed by itself.
    don’t you have 15-16?

  3. Yog

    Any Idea how to change the all the Players Age according to the updated Patch Files.
    Since i play in manager mode new players age is messed up.

Thanks for your comment :-)

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