How I nearly got defrauded!!

Few days back I got a call from this number, 7708525849 (Now, this number doesn’t exist ). This dude tells me that he is calling from the head-office of my bank to let me know that my credit card will be deactivated in a while since it’s past the expiry date. I am here wondering which credit card? I got many but he never told which bank he was calling from. He repeatedly tells me that he needs to verify some details to make sure my card gets reactivated or I will have to visit the bank, so in a hurry I lined up all the cards in my house and wonder which one is getting expired, the constant thought that most accounts belong to my parents and the only card I have applied for hasn’t even been collected from the bank is confusing me.

Now this dude tell me that I need to share my card number and stuff. I am ashamed it took me so much time to catch the fraud, I was being very polite till now thinking he was some actual guy from my bank, but when I realised things I verbally lashed at him and asked him his name, “Ravi Verma” his made-up response, I asked about his post, no reply. He then proceeded to tell me he was calling Reserve Bank of India. I contained my chuckle, Reserve Bank is responsible for printing money and regulating the economy and not for calling up random people to remind them of their credit cards getting expired. Then I proceeded to tell him that he just called the wrong person and I am going to dial cyber-crime cells’ number. Suddenly our dude started experiencing network disturbance and told me that he can’t make out what am I saying and I will have to visit the branch now. I hung up and called cyber police guys, and as with any sarkari telephone in India no one picked it up. I planned on calling later.

Discussed this with dad and told him the whole modus operandi as I understood that evening. Yesterday, 5-6 days after I told him that he comes home and tells me how one of his employees got duped on thousands on rupees the same way, one person calling and asking your details. Interesting part is, that employee never told his pin or password to the fraudsters, just his card number and CVV. Now this, is really scary. No need for passwords? The transactions from his account were from Noida and New Zealand, all online transactions.

Just want to remind everyone that never ever share any details on any calls, even if you genuinely feel like the other person is from the bank, because no genuine person from your bank will ask your details on phone or email and every bank has a written advisory in this regard that warns every customer that their bank will never ask for personal details, not even the account number, over phone or the Internet. If you get any suspicious calls or emails like these please inform the police, this can save a man’s lifetime earnings.


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