I woke up in the backyard, surprisingly with no chains on me. I have been chained all my life, they are scared. All I want is love, but most of them just keep away. Maybe it’s the way I look or maybe because I am not one of them. I heard noises from inside the house, appearing like two people blabbering. I got up and walked slowly towards the door, didn’t want to make too much of rattle or the chain was waiting for me. I pushed it while it creaked, much to my annoyance.

As I walked towards the source of those muffled giggles I could smell that it wasn’t business as usual. I glimpsed from behind the curtain of their room, the man who chained me daily and with him a young woman. Long dark hair, sultry eyes, voluptuous lips. I could feel my mouth salivating, my hunger betraying my patience as I leapt at her. Shocked, he called out my name as his companion picked up a knife.

“Snoopy!!!!” He shouted while she applied butter on some sandwiches with that knife. He patted me as I wagged my tail in anticipation for my favourite butter sandwiches.


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