The Answer to Mom’s question

So General Settings now has more than 57,000 views and this is no reason to celebrate but take it as an excuse to write something that’s not fictional on the blog after a long while.

When I started General Settings, it was just another experiment on web for me, one of those dozens of accounts you make on random sites just to know the feel never to revisit them but this feel just stuck. Back in that time I wrote any random stuff I could find or think of. Like, I posted my class 11th presentation as my first post. I had something I made on my own and wasn’t it cool to have it online, for the world to see? I don’t think  dropbox was too mainstream back then, so it was actually cool.

Then I started ranting, that’s in fact my favorite past time when I am not eating. Okay, so I am not going to trace my blog’s life story here. Just sharing a feeling here.

So, as my blog went from my random rant place to one where I force my friends to read my posts 😛 I started writing in a more formal manner, saving drafts, reviewing posts and checking if there were any embarrassing grammar faux pas etc. I suffer from a serious case of writer’s block or do you call it procrastination?

Everytime someone tells me about a post they liked, a story they found interesting, a poem that they found to be some random garbled rhymes or a self centred post like this one, basically anything they tell me, it affects the psyche when I write. Everytime I think of an idea or a plot, mind just goes like “No, that’s probably not what your friends would like” “That’s old” “Too philosophical”. I know it’s all in the mind, but it just
I had the strong urge to push Alt+f4 and stop writing this post that sounds more like a lunatic’s letter to his psychologist. I had to really get over the urge to complete this post, because another “Why would someone read about you?” in my head.

What I mean to say is, we are all a different writer before we get to know who reads our stuff. Before that, you’re at liberty, to post Biology presentations and writing expert reviews on books which you regret calling ‘great’, to write poems addressed to your loved one but disguising her reference as rain. Once you know what people think, a sense of consciousness grips our minds, there are more unpublished and incomplete posts that I ever had these days.

Not just with writing, it happens in any sphere of our life. “The deepest craving of human nature is to be appreciated.” William James said. You see, it’s not a need, it’s a craving. Once we know what we are appreciated for, we don’t want to leave that comfort zone. Remember the shirt you wear again and again, because that’s what most people say looks good on you?
I often forget the ‘Personal’ in ‘Personal blog’, maybe that’s the whole problem. So expect more personal posts than fictional ones.

Thank you so much to everyone who ever read this blog which is also the answer to my mom’s “Kya type karta rehta hai laptop pe poora din? ”


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