Three hours, and finally they could see the whole city from top.  Manana Hill, was the name of their latest conquest. The joy of being on top, never lessened, even after numerous treks. Ramon could see the eternal satisfaction dripping through Aden’s eyes, as he gaped towards the setting sun. The cold breeze, was sounding like music and hitting like a drug. High. Aden looked at Ramon, the wide smile was replaced by a thoughtful stare.

“Aden, why are people so afraid of death? Doesn’t it take just a second, ending my agonies forever”

” It takes a second for you and a lifetime of agonies for the ones who love you”

The blissful silence of the place was broken by these human figures, no one was speaking, but now a noise of silence was running through their ears. Peace.


Inspired by Turtle Feet by Nikolai Grozni

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