I too had a love story

Recently read ” I Too Had A Love Story”
Read it too late if you look at its release date but that was worth it, wanted to read a long time back, but did not have time when I was in 12th. Had a great time reading it.
One of the best books I have ever read and without any doubt the most emotional one. The story is predictable but still the way the aftermath has been projected, it made me cry for the first time while reading a book ( obviously other than my text books for class 12th)
I was planning to read the second one by Ravinder Singh, named “Can Love Happen Twice?” but couldn’t afford after knowing that it was a pure work of fiction unlike the earlier work.
Anyways, got to know why it’s one the bestsellers.
Its a must read, go for it right away( if you haven’t done it already).


One thought on “I too had a love story

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